Tanmoye Khan is a London based Cinematographer, born in Bangladesh. He graduated film school at the 'University for the Creative Arts' in 2014. He is versatile and works in drama, commercial and music videos.


Tanmoye has a flare for the creative engagement with the Director and Production designer. He is a keen observer and takes great care in developing a story through collaboration. Much of his studies have been varied in areas such as experimental film-making, installation art, photography, animation and CGI, making him adaptable to different visual styles.


Having spent a number of years in the industries working in high end drama and commercial as a camera assistant makes him highly capable and mature. Some of his previous experience includes working with Cinematographers such as George Richmond B.S.C, Richard Bell A.C.S and Stephen Reizes C.S.C. Previous training by 'The Guild of British Camera technician'.